Following a meeting of all IHNSW Clubs and the IHNSW Executive last night, the decision was made to abandon the 2021 Winter Season. 

The meeting considered guidance provided from the NSW Office of Sport, feedback from other sports regarding the likely timing and conditions for restarting the season, and the preferences expressed by all Clubs.  The consensus was that any restart would not be permitted till sometime in November at the earliest and then only under very limited conditions.  Under that scenario, restarting the season was deemed as being not possible.

IHNSW continues to stay engaged with government and as soon as we have some clarity regarding return to train or play for indoor sports we will engage with our Clubs and rinks to work out the best way to get our members back on the ice.  In the meantime, we will be turning our attention to how best to provide some financial benefit to our members which could be realised in 2022 and how we can have the best possible competition in 2022.

We would like to thank our members, Clubs, volunteers and our rinks for their contribution and patience over the last few months.