IHNSW Officials Numbers

Jeffrey Scott41
Ted Gross32
Davida Paul33
Gabby Aston44
Robert Kowalczyk 35
Hugh Deraps36
Jason Ryan47
Marco Tomasello38
Nicholas Air410
Kent Unwin413
Andrew Brunker314
Frazer Dodd315
Joe Mayer316
Henry Fowlds317
Tim Avery321
Tim Morris323
Daniel Boorer328
Jacob Turner334
Eric Mu335
Vaz Mottl338
Joey Theriault444
Spencer Austin347
Kendall Ballard355
Haydan Rogers366
Tim Kitching371
Jason Griffin372
William Shuler377
Mike Day379
Regan Sice380
Mark Peruzzo488
David Rehak490
Paul Bond391
Nathan Allard394

Referee Numbers as of 2021

Level 3

To obtain your NSW Level 3 Number accreditation you will be required to officiate a minimum of 2 ECSL games and 2 Midget games in 1 season or 2 AJIHL games, 2 AWIHL or 2 National Tournament games. eg: Tange, Brown…. To retain your Level 3 Number you will be required to officiate a minimum of 4 games of either ECSL or Midgets or any combination that equals 4 games or more a year. eg:1 ECSL and 3 Midget Games… or 2 games of AJIHL, AWIHL or National Tournament games.

Level 4

To obtain a NSW Level 4 accreditation you will be required to Ref 1 game of AIHL and Line 2 games in a season or officiate 1 game in a AIHL final or Officiate an International game. To retain a NSW level 4 accreditation you need to officiate 3 games of AIHL a season.

All officials that have already obtained their number only have to meet the minimum game requirements each year. (Exemptions for level 4 due to Covid for 2020/21)

If you have obtained your Number for 10 years you will be exempt from doing the minimum number of games each year.

Exemptions for not meeting minimum games will be at the discretion of the NSW RIC on a case by case situation.