13U (Peewee)

The 13U (Peewee) Grade is for players/goalies turning 12 and 13 in the year. It is a non-contact grade. Slap shots are permitted in 13U (Peewee). Both boys and girls play in 13U (Peewee).

13U (Peewee) aged players represent NSW at the Phil Ginsberg National Championships.

The LCC Saints are the grade Champions from 2023, with the Sydney Bears runners up.

Peewee Champions 2022 Sydney Bears

Peewee Champions 2020 LCC Saints

Peewee Champions 2019 LCC Saints

Peewee Champions 2018 Sydney Bears

Peewee Champions 2017 LCC Saints

peewee champs
Peewee Champions 2016 Canterbury Eagles