De Fris Tryout 3 – Invitation

Congratulations to the following players and goalies who have been selected to attend the 3rd De Fris Team Tryout on 5/6/22 @ 3pm in Erina.

Please register before attending and arrive one hour early to check in and warm up.

Aiden Downie

Aiden Li

Angus Sundqvist

Bella Ma

Bryce Kitching

Byron Beeching

Byron Faber

Cheslav Kulinich

Colby Shumak

Declan Downie

Ethan Elford

Gabrielle Arps

Hannah Cryan

Henry Kim

Hugo Arps

Kilian Venhorst

Jacob Zyl

Jason Beazley

Jikoda Cooper

Justin Baxter

Lily Roberts

Logan Brodie

Max Bu

Noah McMillan

Ruben Nalos

Samuel Garas

Saxon Cannon

Taj Lowrey

Thomas Garas 

Please register HERE

It is essential you wear a jersey with your name & number on it.  The selectors will be identifying you by what you are wearing and it needs to correspond to the jersey listed.

Players must wear full safety equipment. If you do not have the correct equipment, you will not be permitted to try out.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the players who attended the first two sessions.