2017 Tange Squad Annoucement

The National Championships will be held in Adelaide from June 29th till 2nd July. The train on squad is as follows:

Forwards: (To be finalised to 12 + reserves after 1st training)
Barton, James
Benjamin, Alberic
Bolger, Connor
Good, Harrison
Kwan, Calvin
Lavery, Dylan
Moncrieff, Thomas
Nicholson, Pearcen
Oultram, Bryn
Ransome, Jack
Rozenberg, Freddie
Rye, Alistair
Sillato, Aiden
Urweiss, James
Wilson, Jesse

Defence: (To be finalised to 6 + reserves after 1st training)
Berthold, Joel
Blazevic, Danny
Gunner, Joey
Kim, Paul
Moore, Branson
Sables, Dylan
Savage, Hayden
Wang, Arthur

Benjamin, Ignacy (G)
Tilsted, Dale (G)

In addition to the selected squad, a reserves squad will be announced to the players at the completion of the first training session. Reserves will be encouraged to train with the team and may be selected should any players be injured, suspended or unable to play for financial reasons.

Forward reserves:
Based on finalisation of team.

Defence reserves:
Based on finalisation of team.

All squad players will receive an email which will include travel, accommodation and financial requirements for the tournament. It is essential that you follow the requirements outlined in this email to secure your place on the team.

The squad will now commence training this Sunday morning at the Sydney Ice Arena (09:00am), with the final cuts to be made post training this weekend.

Players are asked to be at the Sydney Ice Arena by 8am with the following:

  1. Appropriate off ice clothing
    2. Sneakers
    3. Towel
    4. Water Bottle
    5. Forwards (Current Club Jersey + White Socks)
    6. Defense (Black Jersey + Black Socks)
    7. Under 18’s require at least one parent to accompany them, as there is paperwork to attend to

Jason Kvisle – IHNSW Tange Coach