Welcome to the 2024 IHNSW Winter Season. I hope everyone is excited and ready to hit the ice.

Please note the following changes for this season:

  • 15U is now a full-checking competition. Please officiate this league as per a full-checking rules in accordance with the IHA Officiating Standard.
  • 13U is now a modified body checking competition. Checking is permitted, as long as the check is from the side and the player is aiming to separate player from puck. North-South hits are not permitted.
  • 11U Squirts: players are permitted to score only 3 goals. If a player scores a 4th goal, the scorekeeper will advise the referee, the goal will not count, and the face-off will take place in the end-zone of the team that just scored. Non-offending team can select side for face-off.

IHA Officiating Stanard: 2023-2024 IHA Officiating Standard – YouTube

Modified Body Checking Standard: Modified Body Checking Standard – YouTube