TRYOUT 1 Sunday 14th August 2022 930am HISS

TRYOUT 2 Sunday 28th August 2022 1015am COIR

TRYOUT COST $45Register here

All eligible Open age* players are invited to tryout for the IHNSW Brown team. It is open to male players/goalies, and female goalies.

This team will compete in the 2022 Brown 18th to 23rd October in Victoria.

Attendance at both tryouts is expected but not compulsory.

*Must be 17 years or older as of Dec 31 2022 to be eligible and have a valid ITC if required.

Attendance at both tryouts is expected but not compulsory. You cannot be selected for the team unless you make payment to attend the tryouts.

IHNSW will provide selectors to evaluate and select players from the tryouts. Input may be sought from Club Team coaches but it is to your advantage to attend both tryouts. It is essential players wear a jersey with a number on it and preferably your name. You must wear the same jersey to both tryouts. The selectors will be identifying you by what you are wearing and it needs to correspond to the jersey listed.

Team members will be required to stay in team accommodation with Team Officials for the duration of the tournament. There will be charges to cover the tournament entry fees, accommodation and bus hire. A detailed budget will be released to the team after selection. Players that are unavailable during the tryout period are asked to contact the Head Coach directly to be considered for selection, and to register online for the tryouts.

Amelia Matheson – Head Coach