Only Atoms Tournament 12-14 July 2019

ONLY ATOMS TOURNAMENT July 12 – 14, 2019
Hunter Ice Skating Stadium, Newcastle


The Only Atoms Tournament is having its 13th anniversary!  (This tournament will not be changing its name to reflect the NSW name change to Squirts.  However, this tournament is still for children aged 11 and under.  You must not be turning 12 in 2019, therefore the tournament is open to those born in 2008 or later only.)

This very fun weekend is open to each of the Squirts teams in NSW, one team from ACT, three teams from QLD (Stars, Buccs, and Grizzlies), a combined WA-SA team, and one team from VIC.  While it is a competitive tournament, FAIR PLAY is expected and encouraged.  We will be starting at 3:00pm on Friday this year due to the number of teams we are expecting.  It is expected that all teams will make themselves available for Friday.

Playing rules

  • Teams are to be lined up and ready for their games at least 5 minutes before puck drop.
  • Mouth guards are not required.
  • Any swapping of players or goaltenders between teams is not allowed unless permission is sought from the Tournament Director beforehand.
  • After a goal differential of FIVE, the scoreboard will no longer register the goals.
  • No game sheets will be kept (only the scores and points tally will be recorded), and there will be no prizes for top scorer.
  • Games will be full-ice 5 on 5 plus goalies.
  • Teams will play a round robin format against EVERY other team.  Games will be a 1 x 18 minute period with 1 minute between games.  The ice will be resurfaced approximately every 2 hours.
  • A win is worth 2 points, a tie worth 1 point, and a loss is zero points.
  • There will be a finals series of 1 v 4 and 2 v 3, followed by Bronze and Gold Medal Matches.  If a team is tied with another at the end of the round robin, the IHA National Championship guidelines for tournaments will be followed.
  • Ties in the semi-finals and Bronze and Gold medal matches will result in a 5 minute sudden death period, and if still tied a 3 person shootout will occur with the higher seeded team choosing who will shoot first.
  • Though games sheets are not kept, any injury that results in a player not finishing the game, or penalty that results in a game misconduct or higher, will be officially reported to IHNSW.

Rink rules

  • The draw will come out by the beginning of June and will include change room and breakfast times.
  • Please ensure your team is using the correct allocated changing area and eating as per the schedule.
  • Teams are not to linger in the coffee shop once their meals have been eaten.
  • Sticks, pucks, and balls are not to be played within the rink area or dressing rooms.
  • Skates without guards are not to be worn in the coffee shop and children must be supervised in this area at all times.
  • Abuse of players, staff, referees, or tournament volunteers by other players, parents, officials, coaches, managers, etc. will not be tolerated and will result in expulsion from the rink.

Included in the $99 entry fee is a minimum 11 games of hockey (if all 12 teams accept), two breakfasts, a participation puck, medal for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, and a t-shirt.  Breakfast will consist of eggs, bacon, hashbrown, toast, and juice.  Three adult officials per team will receive complimentary breakfast.  Family members can purchase breakfast on the day.

When registering, players will be asked for their t-shirt size.  Please note that the t-shirt brand tends to be on the small size, particularly in the children’s sizes.  Please consider ordering the next size up. (Children sizes 6 to 14, adult sizes S to XXXL)

To register by May 31st, please have your coaches, managers, and players go to esportsdesk:

For those looking for accommodation, two hotels that are nearby are: or

We are also looking for referees to help during the weekend.  All games will be 2-man systems and pay $6 per game per official.  Complimentary breakfast will be provided to all referees.  We encourage any peewee/bantam/midget age siblings who have some experience refereeing to contact me on the below email address if they wish to volunteer…this is a great way to gain experience.

I look forward to seeing everyone back in Newcastle.  Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Dawn Watt