Audit Committee

IHNSW is seeking nominations from its members to form an Audit Committee.

The role of the Audit Committee is to assist the Board in carrying out its duties as they relate to the Association’s accounting policies and financial reporting practices, the assurance process, the system of internal control and risk management, and the process for monitoring compliance with laws, regulations and corporate policies.

The membership of the Committee shall comprise such persons as are appointed by the Board.  The majority of the Committee should comprise independent persons including independent or appointed Directors.

We are seeking members who have accounting, audit or related financial expertise, and/or interest in helping drive the sport towards better corporate governance.

It is likely the Audit Committee will meet in person up to 6 times per year, however email and skype calls will also be involved.

Terms of reference of the Audit Committee will be determined by the IHNSW Executive, and draft version will be made available for review at the first meeting.

Nominations are made in writing from the individual to IHNSW to outlining your experience to be appointed.

Nominations close March 8th 2019.