2019 De Fris Team Announcement

Head Coach David Costa is pleased to announce the NSW Team to compete at the Kurt De Fris National Championship in Perth, WA from 31st July to 3rd August 2019.

The coaches and selectors were impressed with the skill level shown throughout the tryouts and thank everyone for their hard work and effort. Congratulations to the following players on their selection.

Badaoui Marcus
Brooks Nicholas
Costa Braden
Doukhovnikov Ivan
Duchemin Ryan
Hughes Cameron
Kuleshov Dmitri
Kuleshov Ivan
Mannio Aleksi
Milanovic Nathanial
Sayers Hayden
Zhou Jerry
Forwards Reserve
Fuentes Felix
Jerome Zico
Last Harrison
Muravev Nikita
Roberts Phoebe
Wardlaw Connor
Willey Nicolas
Defence Reserve
Oxlade Tyrone
Last Olivia
Newton Jacob
Goalie Reserve
Roy Xavier

Reserves are encouraged to train with the team and understand that they may be called upon to fulfil a roster position if required.

The team will commence training this Sunday at Canterbury. Players and parents are asked to be at Canterbury at 915am for information and testing, followed by on-ice training at 1015am, and further testing and information at 1115am, a total of 3 hours this Sunday morning.

David Costa – Head Coach