Tribunal Delegates

IHNSW is seeking nominations from its members for Tribunal Delegates

The role of the IHNSW Tribunal is to ensure all members are able to participate in our great sport within the Rules of IIHF, IHA and IHNSW. The IHNSW Tribunal determines matters brought before them by the reported breaching of game rules and other matters deemed appropriate by the NSW Executive.

We are looking for delegates with experience in the sport, an understanding of the rules is an advantage, not a requirement.

These are individual appointments, not Club based.

Physical Tribunals are held at Sports House, Sydney Olympic Park, on Thursday evening starting at 8pm. Electronic Tribunals are held on Thursday nights, via skype or telephone.

Most Incidents that require Tribunal determination happen on the weekend, notification turn around time is short, usually from Monday/Tuesday to Thursday.

Nominations are made in writing from the individual to IHNSW to outlining your experience to be appointed.

Nominations close March 22nd 2019