Tange Tryout 3

As you are all aware, the Tange National Championship will be held in Newcastle from 18-21 July 2018. The Coaches and Selectors were very pleased with the player turnout for the first two tryouts, and thank everyone for their hard work and effort.
As you were all made aware, there will be a 3rd and final tryout this upcoming weekend to finalize the team. We are pleased to invite the following players to attend the tryout on Sunday, 20 May 2018 at 9.30am at the Liverpool rink:
  • Barton, James
  • Benjamin, Alberic
  • Berthold, Joel
  • Dimopoulos, Luka (G)
  • Douchkov, James
  • Flay, Isiah
  • Gunner, Joey
  • Hay, Cameron
  • Hayashi, Kenshin
  • Kim, Paul
  • Hosen, Marcus
  • Kwan, Calvin
  • Laajunen, Mika
  • Lennard, Charlie
  • Moncrieff, Thomas
  • Miller, Max
  • Ransome, Jack
  • Rippon, Taegan
  • Rye, Alistair
  • Sables, Dylan
  • Savage, Hayden
  • Shultz, Connor
  • Spelde, Ethan (G)
  • Takiari, Sean (G)
  • Urweiss, James
  • Wardlaw, Aiden
  • Wardlaw, Callum
  • Wardlaw, Xander
  • Wilson, Jesse
  • Zhang, William
Players are asked to be at the Liverpool Ice Rink by 8:30am with a Light & Dark Jersey & Socks preferably with their name on the back.
The cost for the 3rd tryout is $ 20.00 Registration here
Jason Kvisle – IHNSW Tange Coach