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Goalie Coach Refresher Clinic & Links

We recently held a Goalie Coaches Refreshers Session, led by Garrett Bartus and assisted by Nick Novysedlak (AIHL Sydney Ice Dogs Goaltenders). The session focused on skating movements and skills, puck tracking, and post positioning.

Key points from the session:
Head Coaches: Make drills purposeful for goalies, rather than just having them stand in goals and block shots. In any drill, give goalies something to focus on. Break it down to the small details and have them do it repetitively for that session. E.g. Skill: tracking the puck. Focus: active head trajectory on each puck released.


  • This is the most important skill and must be emphasised. If you can get to the correct angle, have good depth and be set, you’re in the best position to make a save.
  • Head turns first, body rotates, then push with the back leg. Skating 1
  • 4 Main skating movements:
  1. T-push.
  2. Butterfly Recovery.
  3. Butterfly Slide
  4. Butterfly Push (Powerslide)
  • Ensure the shoulders stay level and balanced i.e. avoiding bopping up and down during movement. Skating 2
  • Inside edgework: The earlier/younger the goalies start doing this the more comfortable they will be on their edges.
  1. On feet – figure 8s. Visual and audio instruction: Skating 3 FWD. Skating 3 BKWD
  2. Butterfly – once comfortable on the feet. Skating 4

Puck Tracking
Use nose as a guidance. I.e. nose in line with puck. Puck Tracking

  1. Tracking the puck all the way into the body
  2. Hands out in front, avoid twisting away.

 Post Positioning

Thank you to the Canterbury Ice Hockey Club for allowing us to hold this session during their goalie training slot.

Sera Dogramaci

IHNSW Executive Review – All Grades and Ages

Based on feedback received from Clubs, IHNSW’s Executive Committee are currently conducting a comprehensive review of all junior ages and grades. This also includes the recent discussions around cross ice for Squirts and Elite pathways for female players.

The purpose of the review is based on concerns around development and opportunities, and we want to ensure that our players are supported in a safe, yet challenging environment.

We are consulting experts including the IHA Player Development Director, to ensure we are aligning the restructure with the IHA Long Term Athlete Development Program. Our focus is the long-term success of our players, while continuing to grow our sport.

Ginsberg Tryout 3 – Invitation Only

Head Coach Remi Harvey invites the following players and goalies to attend the invitation only Ginsberg tryout 3 this Saturday 29th June at Penrith.

Off Ice Warm up 2pm-3pm
On Ice Tryout 3pm-4pm

Off ice warm up will start at 2pm. Please get to the rink before this time to put bags in change rooms. Meet outside the rink in running gear for a 2pm start sharp. On ice will begin at 3pm, please wear the same jersey your wore to the other tryouts.

Please register HERE

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