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2017 Schedule

The 2017 full schedule has been published.

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Elastoplast Sport Taping Workshop

Everyone is welcome to attend; junior men’s and women’s trainers, coaches, players, parents, etc. The workshop is interactive and attendees will:

Learn best practices for preventing and treating injuries; taping methods, taping preparation and removal, taping techniques.

  • Identify and discuss the right products for each scenario.
  • Introduce Elastoplast resources; apps, videos, training, etc.
  • Reinforce the Gold Loyalty Rewards Program and how take advantage of AIHL discounted pricing.

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Concussion In Sport Seminar


The Concussion in Sport seminar focuses on concussion injuries in sport and the management of return to play protocol. It will be presented by Dr Adrian Cohen who is a Concussion Researcher.

The seminar is FREE of charge and open to all sports and the wider community.

Topics include:

  • The definition of concussion
  • Common causes
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Assessment
  • Game day management
  • Specific sporting policies
  • Return to Play (RTP) guidelines

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