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IHNSW Season update – refunds

IHNSW would like to provide an update for members, club committees and stakeholders on the current situation as a result of COVID-19.

IHA and state bodies have been in discussion regarding the best process for providing members refunds for the postponed 2020 Winter Season. This requires careful consideration towards a number of factors, including the future of the season, if it will be delayed but continue as in previous years, if it will be in a modified format, or if it will be able to resume at all. Consideration must also be given to ensuring that all bodies remain viable and able to restart the competition with active members when the time comes to do so.

IHA has proposed a process which will allow each entity to determine the level of refund that they are able to provide to members. This process has been outlined to states and clubs, and will commence in the coming days.

Members will receive communication with more details from each body of which they hold membership, IHA, IHNSW and their club.

IHNSW would like to thank members for their patience and support – and we look forward to being able to provide an update on the season once it is available.

IHNSW season postponed

Following the Prime Minister’s address last night that due to COVID-19, all indoor sporting venues are to close as at 12 midday today (Monday 23rd March, 2020), effective immediately the IHNSW 2020 Winter Season has been postponed.

IHNSW will continue to follow the situation closely and liaise with all clubs when further information is available. This postponement will be reviewed in one month to discuss the most up to date advice from government, but we would expect that it would extend further from there until it is deemed appropriate for all members to return to normal activities.

IHNSW are seeking clarification and further information regarding registration refunds and we will advise clubs as soon as practicable. Please note there are several pieces of the puzzle with regards to refunds that are currently unknown and will need further clarification before the process can begin. This includes; how long the season is delayed, or if the season will be cancelled; how IHA and state members will handle the volume of requests; and what support government will be able to offer sporting organisations to ensure their viability into the future. We ask that our members are patient as we work through this and we will share updates as they become available.

We would like to acknowledge all clubs and teams who participated in Round 1 over the weekend. All reports indicate that the behaviour of all participants was excellent, and that all health and safety requirements were taken seriously and with a positive attitude. Congratulations to you all and thank you for your conduct in challenging circumstances. Well done!

IHNSW wishes all members, club committees and stakeholders the best during these unprecedented and anxious times. We look forward to recommencing Ice Hockey in NSW once it is clear that it will be safe for all members to do so.

Yours Sincerely
Paul Kelly

IHNSW Coronavirus/COVID-19 update

In these unprecedented times, I wanted to reach out and let you know what IHNSW are doing to support our members, our rinks and the future of our sport to get through the uncertainties we all face. Like all sporting bodies, IHNSW are closely monitoring the latest developments in relation to COVID-19 (coronavirus). As the current situation changes rapidly, we will continue to monitor and act on advice from the Australian Department of Health and other sporting bodies to provide the appropriate response to the COVID-19.

Our current government advice is that Ice Hockey itself is not a high risk sport for transmission, provided we follow standard personal hygiene, however, the locker room is a high risk environment for transmission of the common cold, influenza, gastroenteritis, or Coronavirus.

Given the risks are exacerbated by greater numbers we support IHA in cancelling or postponing National Championships until we are over the peak of the spread. This will limit flights and transit through high volume areas, large crowds at events, and limit the volume of people using change rooms (virus incubators).

Local hockey can continue at the discretion of the rinks provided that all participants are extra vigilant with personal and social hygiene. Obeying isolation instructions and seeking medical attention as indicated.

Social hygiene recommendations adapted for Ice Hockey from government guidelines are:

We advise that you do not shake hands before or at the end of games. Keep your gloves on and just tap each other’s gloves or alternatively line up along blue lines and stick tap the other team.
Hand hygiene is critical. Clean your hands with soap and hot water for 20 seconds, or an alcohol-based hand rub with minimum 60% alcohol content. Wash your hands frequently
DO NOT SHARE WHISTLES (coaches and officials)
No spitting on and off the ice. This will incur a 10 minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.
Cover your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing with tissue or a flexed elbow. Always practice cough etiquette (keep away from other people, cover coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or clothing, and clean your hands)
Avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms

We are monitoring the situation closely to respond and support our members during this period of uncertainty and will communicate any further changes that may affect you.

At this stage we will be releasing week 1 only and while we are seeking further government advice after todays changes on non-essential gatherings.

We understand that the current situation has presented you with similar challenges and we are focussed on supporting your requirements through this difficult time. With your support, we can minimise the potential for disruption as we navigate these challenging times.

Yours Sincerely
Paul Kelly