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AJIHL 2019-2020 Teams Announcement

IHNSW and the AJIHL 2019-2020 Team Management are pleased to announce the following teams for this season. Congratulations to all players and goalies selected.

Cost is $2000 per player. 1st instalment of $500 due before 1st November, 2nd instalment $750 due 6 January and 3rd instalment $750 due before the last game of the regular season, that being 23 February. Esportsdesk payment link to be provided shortly.

Practice will commence this 23rd October Wednesday @Macquarie Ice rink on ice from 9.15pm. Reserves are encouraged to attend training in the event they are called up by either team for playing duties.


James Douchkov

Mika Laajunen

Dylan Sables

Connor Bolger

Mackenzie Bolger

Jakob Brooks

Zigmond Janiszewski

Dmitri Kuleshov

Max Miller

Thomas Moncrieff

Noah Moncrieff

Matteo Raco

Taegan Rippon

Alex Ross

Hayden Savage

Connor Schultz

James Urweiss

Jesse Wilson

Sean Takiari

Dale Tilsted


James Barton

Albi Benjamin

Ignacy Benjamin

Joel Berthold

Brad Demmitt

Luka Dimopoulos

Nick Doornbos

Dylan Lavery

Mackenzie Gallagher

Jackson Gallagher

Joey Gunner

Matthew Kopp

Nathaniel Kopp

Aleksi Mannio

Jack Ransome

Fredrik Rozenberg

Alistair Rye

Aidan Wardlaw

Alexander Wardlaw

Callum Wardlaw


Liam Gleeson

Mohak Issar

Brendan Kleipas

2019 Champion Teams – Junior/Senior/ECSL

Peewee Champions 2019 LCC Saints

Bantam Champions 2019 Sydney Bears

Womens Champions 2019 Flyers


Midget Champions 2019 Sydney Bears

Senior 1 Champions 2019 Eagles

Senior 2 Champions 2019 LCC Saints 2

Senior 3 Champions 2019 Kodiaks

Senior 4 Champions 2019 Emperors 4

ECSL Champions 2019 Raptors

AJIHL Tryouts


Sunday 6th October – 4:15pm to 5:15pm – Penrith Ice Palace  $30

Registration HERE

This season 6 teams will compete playing a minimum 15 games per team. NSW teams will travel to compete in addition to playing each other.  Most likely two road trips for every team and two interstate teams visiting, so each team will play all other teams 3 times in the regular season with the top 4 teams going to Melbourne in March 2020 for playoffs.

The league will cost approximately $2000 per player, after IHA subsidies. This includes all game expenses, training sessions, accommodation and transport. The competition is open to 2000 to 2003 male born players, with a limit of 4 x 1999 born male players per team.

We urge all eligible players to support the league to ensure that our Australian National teams continue to compete at the highest level.

Jim Savage