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NSW De Fris Team – Announcement

Ice Hockey NSW would like to congratulate the following players for their selection to the NSW De Fris team competing at the National Championships in Canberra, ACT August 1 to 5, 2018:

Mackenzie Bolger
Alex Bu
Jarrod Callaghan
Marcus Hösen
Dmitri Kuleshov
Noah Moncrieff
Cameron Hughes
Harrison Last
Riley Tonks
Nikita Muravev
Hayden Sayers
Aaron Sheard
Phoebe Roberts
Robert Kowalczyk
Liam Jones

Olivia Last
Brendan Kleipas

Reserves: (please note we would like you to attend trainings if possible in case of a call up)
Nathanial Milanovic
Jodie Roberts
Ivan Doukhovnikov
Caleb Wong

Coach: Rob Duchemin 
Assistant Coach: Dawn Watt                                                              
Assistant Coach: Glen Sheard 
Manager: TBA   
Equipment Manager: TBA

First training is Sunday, 17th of June 1030am at Canterbury. Please arrive 45 minutes before training for off-ice warm up.

Training Dates
Sunday       17 June        1030am      Canterbury
Saturday     23 June        645pm        Penrith
Sunday       1 July           215pm        Erina
Sunday       8 July           445pm        LCC
Sunday       22 July         445pm        LCC
Sunday       29 July         330pm        Erina
Training is compulsory, but in the case of an issue please make contact ASAP.

2018 Ginsberg Tryouts

Saturday 16th June 445pm to 545pm at Hunter Ice Skating Stadium
Sunday 24th June 445pm to 545pm at Liverpool Ice Rink

TRYOUT COST $40.00 payable HERE

A 3rd tryout will be INVITATION ONLY, determined after tryouts 1 & 2
Sunday 1st July 445pm to 545pm at Liverpool Ice Rink

All eligible Peewee aged players are invited to attend tryouts for the NSW Team
to participate in the 2018 NSW Ginsberg National Championship,
which will be held from 16th to 19th August in Melbourne, VIC.

Squirts aged players may attend by invitation only.

Players that are unavailable during the tryout period are asked to contact IHNSW.

IHNSW will provide selectors to evaluate and select players from the tryouts. Input may be sought from Club Team coaches but it is to your advantage to attend both tryouts.The $40 tryout fee is payable regardless of the number of tryouts you attend.

It is essential players wear your CLUB jersey or a jersey with your name and number on it and you must wear the same jersey to all tryouts. The selectors will be identifying you by what you are wearing and it needs to correspond to the jersey listed.

Team members will be required to stay in team accommodation with Team Officials for the duration of the tournament. There will be charges to cover the tournament entry fees, accommodation, food, entertainment and bus hire. A detailed budget will be released to the team after selection.

Please do not hesitate to contact IHNSW with any queries.

Remi Harvey – Head Coach

NSW Tange Team 2018 – Announcement

Head Coach Jason Kvisle and Assistant Coach Jimmy Dufour are pleased to announce that the following players have been successful in selection to the NSW Syd Tange team. The Syd Tange National Championship will be held in Newcastle from 18-21 July 2018.

The Coaches and Selectors were very pleased with the level of skill that was shown throughout the tryouts, and thank everyone for their hard work and effort.

• Barton, James
• Benjamin, Alberic
• Hayashi, Kenshin
• Kwan, Calvin
• Moncrieff, Thomas
• Ransome, Jack
• Rippon, Taegan
• Rye, Alistair
• Schultz, Connor
• Urweiss, James
• Wardlaw, Xander
• Wilson, Jesse

• Berthold, Joel
• Douchkov, James
• Gunner, Joey
• Kim, Paul
• Sables, Dylan
• Savage, Hayden

• Dimopoulos, Luka (G)
• Spelde, Ethan (G)

Forward reserve: Max Miller
Defence reserve: Isiah Flay

Reserves are encouraged to train with the team and, should any players be injured, suspended or unable to play for financial reasons will be called upon to fulfil that vacant position.

The team will commence training this Sunday morning at the Canterbury Ice Rink. Players are asked to be at Canterbury by 6:30am for fitness testing & evaluation with the following:

  • Appropriate off ice clothing
  • Sneakers
  • Towel
  • Water bottle
  • Black socks

Off ice will be conducted from 6:45 am to 8:45 am with on ice practice from 9:15 am to 11:30 am.

Under 18’s require at least one parent to accompany them as there is paperwork to attend to. You will also receive information containing travel, accommodation and financial requirements for the tournament. It is essential that you follow the requirements outlined in this email to secure your place on the team.

Jason Kvisle – IHNSW Tange Coach