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Quebec Tryouts 2018


The 59th edition of the Quebec International Peewee Tournament will be held at the Videotron Centre in Quebec City

Dave Ferrari has been appointed head coach.  The team is likely to depart several days before the start of the tournament and arrive home around February 20th.  All players will be billeted in pairs with local volunteer families during this tournament. Preliminary budget for the trip is approximately $5,500 per player. This cost includes all travel, team activities in Canada, non-billeted accommodation, meals and Tournament fees.

There may be some fund-raising activities that we will hold to help contribute to the above costs but these activities may not take place before the full payment is required. The tournament is open to players (girls & boys) born in the 2005 and 2006 calendar years.

This is a competitive tournament and the style of hockey played is vastly different to that played in our NSW competition.  To prepare, the team will be training most weeks and it is critical to the performance of individuals and the team that all players attend all training sessions.  The cost of these training sessions will be determined shortly when ice time in finalised and the costs deducted from the deposit paid.  There will be no refunds for missed training sessions.

TRYOUT – $20 per player
Sunday 8th October 2017 10am until 11am
Hunter Ice Skating Stadium (HISS)

Attendance at the tryout is expected but not compulsory. IHNSW will provide selectors to evaluate and select players from the tryout, input may be sought from club team coaches. It is to your advantage to attend the tryout. It is essential you wear a jersey with a number on it and preferably your name.  You must wear the same jersey to all tryouts.  The selectors will be identifying you by what you are wearing and it needs

to correspond to the jersey listed. Players must wear full safety equipment, including neck and mouth guards. If you do not have the correct equipment, you will not be permitted to try out.

IHNSW will require players to meet the minimum standard of playing skill level, as well as behaviour expectations of a travelling team. IHNSW reserves the right to select players from other Australian States to complete the team roster if required.

Dave Ferrari – Head Coach – 0423 350 594

2017 Brown Team Annoucement

Congratulations to the following players who have secured a position on the 2017 NSW Brown Team, travelling to Newcastle for National Championships in October:

Adam Kimbley
Antoine Aubin
David-James Jeremy
Hayden Whyte
Jackson Knott
Jake Knott
Jamie Blazevic
Jason Kvisle
Jayden Ryan
Jayden Whitbread
Josh Hansen
Matt Musumeci
Michael Haynes
Patrick Nadin
Paul Bond
Rob Duchemin
Sam Lammert
Stuart Cole-Clark

Goaltenders – we require one more session to determine placing so have named a squad of four.  Final decision will be made after the first training on September 3rd at 9pm at SIA:
Cisco Sevilla
Dale Burgess
Gabe Robledo
Harley Quinton-Jones

Ken Autterson
Nolan Barlow

Reserves are encouraged to attend all training.  Should a selected player be unable to attend the tournament for any reason, a reserve will chosen to replace him.  More details re: fees and training will follow shortly.

Dawn Watt and Amelia Matheson
Head Coaches