Referee & Linesman

Officials at Atom Round Robin 2017

Referees and Linesman

Without Referees and Linespeople, we would not have a sport. Our officials are integral in providing a safe and fair competition.

IHNSW uses for allocations and the association number is #205341

2018 Rule Emphasis – ALL Grades

Bantam Casebook

ECSL Casebook

SENIOR B Casebook


 The Art of Officiating

To become a competent, respected official at any level requires patience, discipline, dedication, courage and hard work. It’s not usually something that comes naturally, nor can the skills be taught or mastered overnight; yet the demands for perfection are immediate. Hockey is a fast paced, emotionally charged, exciting sport and officials are an integral part along with players, coaches and spectators. Hockey officiating is an apprenticeship process and one of the main tools is learning through actual game experience.

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Becoming an on-ice official

If you are interested in becoming an on-ice official, please contact the IHNSW Referee-in-Chief.


Upcoming course details are listed in the calendar