IHNSW Season update – refunds

IHNSW would like to provide an update for members, club committees and stakeholders on the current situation as a result of COVID-19.

IHA and state bodies have been in discussion regarding the best process for providing members refunds for the postponed 2020 Winter Season. This requires careful consideration towards a number of factors, including the future of the season, if it will be delayed but continue as in previous years, if it will be in a modified format, or if it will be able to resume at all. Consideration must also be given to ensuring that all bodies remain viable and able to restart the competition with active members when the time comes to do so.

IHA has proposed a process which will allow each entity to determine the level of refund that they are able to provide to members. This process has been outlined to states and clubs, and will commence in the coming days.

Members will receive communication with more details from each body of which they hold membership, IHA, IHNSW and their club.

IHNSW would like to thank members for their patience and support – and we look forward to being able to provide an update on the season once it is available.