IHNSW Officiating Positions: Expressions of Interest

Ice Hockey NSW (IHNSW), seeks expressions of interest from suitably qualified persons for the following positions:

  • State Manager of Officiating
  • Officiating Elite Performance Manager

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The board of IHNSW has restructured its officiating structure to better meet objectives in this area. This restructure sees the traditional role of the RIC split between 2 new positions.

Essentially, the function of allocating officials to games is separated from the RIC function of developing and growing this essential part of our sport. It is the Officiating Elite Performance Manager who holds the RIC title.

The Board believes that this new structure will give better outcomes with respect to developing our officials nationally and improving their performance.

All applications are to be emailed to the Executive Officer, Ice Hockey NSW eo@ihnsw.com.au – deadline extended to end of January 2020.