AJIHL Teams Announcement

IHNSW and the AJIHL 2018-2019 Team Management are pleased to announce the following teams for this season. Congratulations to all players and goalies selected:


Joel Berthold
Connor Bolger
Nicolas Campeau
Liam Campbell
Brad Demmitt
Luka Dimopoulos
Mackenzie Gallagher
Liam Gleeson
Harry Good
Joey Gunner
Mohak Issar
Paul Kim
Matthew Kopp
Dylan Lavery
Jack Ransome
Taegan Rippon
Alistair Rye
Ethan Spelde
Aidan Wardlaw
Callum Wardlaw
Jayden Whitbread


Brentin Azzopardi
James Barton
Ryan Barton
Travis Cromhout
James Douchkov
Jackson Gallagher
Joshua Kleipas
Mika Laajunen
Max Miller
Nathan Moncrieff
Thomas Moncrieff
Matteo Raco
Alex Ross
Dylan Sables
Hayden Savage
Connor Schultz
Sean Takiari
Dale Tilsted
James Urweiss
Jesse Wilson

Training is Tuesday 830pm at LCC.

Sabres are asked to wear light Jerseys and Wolfpack dark Jerseys.